Frequently asked questions

Please contact us with any questions, or put them up in the discussion behind this page. Thank you!

I have downloaded the Starter Package and there are only two files included
This is correct - the package gives you a file with sample data, for you to play with, and another "empty" one with null or "dummy data" that you need to overwrite with your own data. This might seem klunky, but it is the easiest way to get you started and avoid initialisation and table handling. Just make a copy of the null data file, re-name it with a name that is meaningful to you, and load up your data.

I have the full package and it installed OK, but when I go to "Control Panel" I get a blank form

The system needs internal data in a table called "Housekeeping" - if this table is empty you will not see any content in the Control Panel - you might have deleted the one record that should be in there. You can copy and paste a "good" copy of the housekeeping table from the downloaded data files: open the downloaded sample data or null data file, click on the "Housekeeping" table in the list at the left hand side, right-click and choose "Copy", then open your data file in another Access window, delete the bad "Housekeeping" table that is there, and do the copy with right-click and "Paste".

I have installed the package and I was doing well, but the system came up with an error message that seems to come from the Visual Basic program code

There are many reasons why you might get an error message, but some of the time you can get by with just pressing "Escape" - if not please make a note of the actual message, tell us exactly what you were doing, and send that information through to us. If there is a "Debug" button in the error message, that will take you into the line of program code that is causing the problem. Click it, copy the block of program code that comes up, and send that through with your comments. There is nothing that we have not sorted out in the first few years of usage!

I get annoying warning messages that a potential security violation has been detected
You need to add the folder (or "directory") to the "trusted locations" listed in the MS Access "options". Go here for detailed instructions.

I am up and running with the full package, but there seem to be problems with something called MSCOMCTL.OCX, and the "TreeView" does not work
MSCOMCTL.OCX is an "ActiveX" component that is used to create the hierarchy or "tree view" of things - in the case of the Analyser, the categories that you are working with. You may not have it installed, or you may have the wrong version. You have to check what you have, reinstall or install it if needed, and the "register" it with Windows. Go here for detailed instructions.

I have my data but when I browse the "Words" the screen is blank, and browsing "Chunks" shows no words at the right hand side
You need to put all the words that you have in your "chunks" into the Concordance - this does not happen automatically. Go to the Control Panel, choose "Data Management" and "Rebuild Concordance" - the concordance is the word index of all the words in your data.
NOTE: When Access finds no data in a table or a query, it just shows a completely blank form.

I have some data from an previous project where I used QCA, but it does not seem to be compatible with the current version
Yes, the table structures have changed over time. Have a look at the correct table and field definitions here and use the "Design" view of your tables to change and add the correct details.