Installation and usage

Bear in mind that the version you have downloaded may not be the same as those that were used for the videos, but the general idea should be perfectly clear!

Please go to Andy Bytheway's YouTube channel and run through some of the supporting videos that show you how to install QCA (that is REALLY easy), set it up (a couple of small wrinkles involved - MS Access settings and an ActiveX component for the full version), and then use the analyser at different levels and in different places. You will see that the videos get rather better as we work through the material!

Here is a list, with the direct links (remember to choose a high resolution - see the note and image below):

Qualitative Research

QCA 00 - An introduction to Qualitative Research Data analysis (30 min)

Getting started

QCA 01 - Installing and running the Qualitative Content Analyser (2 min)
QCA 02 - Starter Edition - Introduction and main features (12 min)

Some details of usage

QCA 03 - The Control Panel and basic operations with the Analyser (2 min)
QCA 04 - Loading the basic data (4 min)
QCA 05 - Chunking and coding the source text (4 min)
QCA 06 - Charts and reports (5 min)
QCA 07 - Browsing the research data (4 min)
QCA 08 - Co-occurring pairs analysis (4 min)

An example, and some more advanced concepts and capabilities

QCA 09 - A really quick example of working with the Analyser (11 min)
QCA 10 - Dwelling on the detail of coding - environmental considerations in retailing (9 min)
QCA 11 - Playing with Pivot Charts (8 min)

Also, remember that to see all the detail clearly you need high resolution, which requires you go to the bottom left hand corner of the YouTube display and click on the gear wheel - then you can choose a higher resolution (if you have the bandwidth!). Here we have selected 720p, which is the highest available in this case (it might not be so for all the videos):