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20 February 2015

Installation on Win 64 now seems to deliver a good working implementation - please advise of any problems still evident
19 July 2014

There is an obscure bug in MS Access (or Windows 7) that causes it to crash with a message: "Microsoft Access has stopped working". It seems to be a known bug.
This has happened to me, with QCA, today. There is a discussion with solutions here which indicates that you must start Access in a special way. If you get this error, go read this discussion.
18 July 2014

There seems to be a bug in the splash screen of the FULL version if you are trying to load a previous data set having deleted the links - we are working on this.
The solution is not to delete the links, just drop down the history list and choose the data set you want to work with
18 July 2014

Today I heard that there may be fatal issues if you are running the package on 64-bit Windows - it may relate to the installation and registration of the ActiveX component. We are investigating.
17 July 2014

The page with the links to the videos on YouTube has been re-organised and tidied up. These videos are the principal source of guidance about usage, please use them!

17 July 2014

This page instigated for guidance and assistance