This full package has certain pre-requisites that must be satisfied if it is going to work properly for you. Please read this section carefully.
  • The Full package only works with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, which includes Access and gives all the privileges necessary for runnin QCA.
  • It is necessary to set some of the default settings for Microsoft Access (see below). This is not possible with the free runtime package.
  • You need to nominate your working folders as "safe locations" for Access to use, otherwise you will get a nag screen that keeps warning you about risks (see below).

The notes below explain how to check that your computer has all the settings that are necessary and how to sort things out.

Microsoft Access Settings

You should have no problem working out whether you have the 2010 version of Microsoft Office, but bear in mind that low-cost versions of the MS Office package do NOT have Access included. You need the professional version.

Record manipulation

MS Access has security features that get in the way of table linking and data record manipulation. The following two steps avoid most of these problems.
  • Open Access, go to File | Options | Client settings ("Options" is right down at the bottom) and look at the "Confirm" check boxes - make sure that "Record changes" and "Action queries" are not checked, as here:

Trusted locations

  • Then go to File | Options | Trust center and click on "Trust center settings" - then choose "Trusted locations" and add your intended working directory to the list:

If you get "security warnings" from MS Windows like this:

then something has gone wrong - rather than just click "Open" (you may have to do this several time!), go back to the "trusted locations" options as above, and check that everything is really set correctly.